Roadside assistance 

value for money

For non-acquaintances, value for money is the term used when purchasing a product or service based on its cost. Red Assistance is evolving in an effort to provide ever-better services through top staff, upgraded fleet, polite manners, immediacy and much more, while maintaining its competitive prices. Our customers perceive the quality of service they receive and they choose us if presented with a mechanical problem a second time.
Choose us and find out how respectfully we earn the very last cents we charge you.


Vehicle transport / towing 

from 35 euros

We could not claim to be customer friendly if we did not charge our services at affordable prices. Transportation charges start at € 35 (before VAT) and vary as they are affected by factors such as mileage, tolls, weight of transported vehicle, cargo specifics, etc. In any case, however, our prices are competitive and reasonable. Call us and find out yourself!


On-site services starting

from 30 euros 

Call us for on-site service such as power supply (battery) or tire change at a cost starting at 30 euros (before value added tax - VAT). Choose us for our low prices and in case your vehicle cannot not be repaired on the spot, we can carry it to the point where you point us as we use truck/crane when reporting to all incidents.



of fual support

If you wish to transport more than one vehicle, take advantage of a financial offer by combining them. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information.

Roadside assistance 

at low prices 

Earn by transporting your vehicle to a later time. If you want a high-cost transportation service such as transportation outside of Attica and it is a non-urgent transportation, then we suggest that we book the transportation when a corresponding return journey occurs. The fact that our truck serves two customers, its own costs are substantially lowered and we can offer you even friendlier prices. Contact us and find out.

Roadside assistance 

without a subscription or contact  

Our services concern roadside assistance to vehicles without the need of a contract, and are limited to individual service without any other fixed costs. Benefit by phoning us directly. We mainly own public-service vehicles to have the right to transport a vehicle directly at a fare.