RED assistance advices

Important information for receiving better services

Via phone it is strongly suggested that you report visible problems or obstacles encountered and will complicate loading or the approach of crane to your vehicle. This is because additional equipment or a different type of crane should be used.

Before and during the transportation of your vehicle it is required that you bear the car registration papers.
The vehicles being transported from our company (cranes with public commercial licenses) are not required to be insured.

For vehicles that are not accompanied (by their owners or any other person of your choice), you should receive a paper copy which describes the condition of the vehicle and which safeguards you against losses or damages by the company that serves you.

Vehicles (especially modern) for the traction are provided with removable hasp. This tool is full metal. On the one side it has the shape of a screw and it is screwed on the metal frame of the car and the other side has the form of a loop. The hasp should always be within your vehicle. If you cannot find this tool (possible loss after previous transfer) then the service becomes difficult and problematic. The responsibility of service by tying and pulling elsewhere in the vehicle is upon the owner. Experienced professionals know how to preserve your car but they can never eliminate the possibility of damage.

Things you should know about your safety

During the time you are expecting road assistance inside your car if you feel that you are in danger from the passing by cars or other reason you must call traffic police. You can find telephone numbers of traffic police stations in our website at section Useful / information – Telephone numbers of traffic police.
In case of injury call 166. We also advice you for such situations to read the instructions provided by our website at section Useful / information – 166.
The road assistance truck during the service must have its emergency strobe lights on and place a signal in the road.

No-one should stand behind the vehicle during the time it is pulled by the wire to be loaded on the truck or under the car when the crane has it lifted.
One of the first thing you should do when you are immobilized in the road is to turn on the alarm. Then cautiously place the triangle warning signal at 100 meters distance from your car.
If your vehicle has immobilized by damage at electricity circulation system or you noticed high engine temperature do not open the hood immediately especially if you do not have relative knowledge. Use gloves if you try anything and keep a fire extinguisher next to you for any case.
If you screw the hasp (see explanation article for your convenience) in your vehicle make sure it is tightened completely. If you doubt the correctness of your energy report it to the professional who will serve you for a final check.

Never attempt tire change on a busy road that exposes you to passing by cars. In such a case the law imposes even to all who are entitled to such work primarily transporting the vehicle in a safe place.