Specialised Services

Crane Transport

If you want to transport cargo or a vehicle that requires a crane, we can help you. We serve complex loads and have the necessary equipment to handle crane transport.

Εξειδικευμένες Γερανομεταρορές
mplokarismenoi troxoi

Transportation due to blocked wheels

We undertake the transport of vehicles with blocked wheels. Whether the cause is the automatic transmission, an electronic handbrake, an electronic system or any other cause which does not allow you vehicle to roll its wheels, we can help you.

Transport due to a locked steering wheel

If your vehicle is left stationary by a locked steering wheel, we can help. Our experienced staff will try to unlock it and if it is not possible, it will take you to the nearest garage of your choice (or the nearest we know in case you don’t have another of your preference).

Caravan transport

We transport caravans, self-propelled or not, up to 5 tonnes gross weight. The caravans because of their weight and usually the increased length of the cantilever, require detailed handling during their transport. In RED assistance, we have the right vehicles and equipment to carry your caravan safely.

metafora troxospitou
Εξειδικευμένες Μεταφορά λέμβου

Boat / trailer transport

We have experience on the task and we undertake boat transport with or without the trailer.

Transport of special dimensions vehicle

If your vehicle is of a particular size in width or height, we can assist you, as our fleet consists of a multidimensional combination of vehicles. In fact, we can provide support for vehicles with a dimension of up to 2.20m in width and up to 6.50m in length.

Transportation of vehicles to and from certain islands

If you wish to transport a vehicle from or to an island, feel free to call and ask of our help. We are making the transportation to and from the ports of Attica and through external partners we make sure that the car is delivered to the place of your desire.

Our services are aimed at:

  • All individuals and professionals wishing to transport their vehicles.
  • All individuals and professionals wishing to carry large volume and weight objects.
  • In all kinds of car workshops (mechanics, electricians, improvement houses etc).
  • Authorized service garages.
  • Car dealers.
  • Fleet owning companies.
  • Amateur or professional motorsport enthusiasts.
  • To all major roadside assistance companies (contractors of insurance companies).
  • In insurers and insurance offices.