Human resources

Our family business has a stuff of fifteen people.

Our skills extend beyond driving capabilities. More specifically:

The owner and operator of the company Vrachnis Andreas has a diploma in engineering aircraft (from a long service to the Hellenic Air Force), has attended a motoring school, has a road carrier card and a safety technician. He also has experience as a broker, craftsman and manufacturer of past parallel activities.

Vrachnis Demetrios, owner of driving license (coded E and PI), also holds a certificate of professional competence for national and international freight transport (IFT). He has completed undergraduate studies, as well as a Master of Business Administration from the University of the Aegean. With experience from his career in the accounting and insurance industry, he contributes to the enterprise at the level of development and organization. Also, his young age gives him long-term prospects in the business.

Our drivers are an integral part of our team. They have extensive experience with the large number of day-to-day services. They have acquired the customer-centric culture of our business and gain the respect with the professional attitude they show.
Our people at the call center are skilled and capable of understanding to provide an appropriate solution to our customers' problem.

Our efforts combine as we work with haste and devotion and that is why the market has recognized us.