Basic Services

Vehicle transport

We undertake the transport / towing of a vehicle that has simple or no damage to the car parking lot, tire garage, workshop, improvement / dynamometer garage, withdrawal or recycling center, with or without license plates, whether insured or uninsured.

On-site change of tire

We can change your tire and if you do not have a spare in good condition we provide you the option of transportation to the destination of your choice or a tire garage. Changing a tire is not easy for everyone. Older people, women and people with motor problems are common not to be able to handle the manual labor required. Also the lack of experience or the downhill of a road on which a vehicle is immobilized can make things even more difficult. Also are times when your program or your formal attire does not allow you to deal with it. At the same time, the change of tire should not be treated with flippancy. Proper wheel replacement is a safety issue, as the latter affects the car's road behavior and the by law only professionals certified from the Department of Transportation may offer such services.


On-site power supply (battery)

Electrification of a vehicle requires special attention. Even more so in hybrid technology vehicles. An incorrect handling can be fatal to your car's engine control unit (ECU). The ability to electrify a vehicle is only permitted by professionals and companies authorized by the Ministry of Transport. RED assistance has qualified staff, the necessary equipment (to both test your battery’s performance and power up your vehicle) as well as the necessary certification.

Appointment service

Call our Call Center and book a predefined appointment at your convenience. Our large fleet allows us to be close to you at the time of your desire.

From Attica to province

call and get an offer to transport your vehicle from province to Attica.

To Attica from province

Call and get an offer to transport your vehicle from province to Attica.