The trust of our customers led us to accomplish 10,000 customer services per year in the prefecture of Attica. The number of our services has been increasing progressively from year to year, proving the recognition of quality service that we offer.
Satisfied customers is the best advertisement for us as recommendation is the reason we receive most of our daily calls.


We serve both individuals and professionals.

We are frequently addressing individuals asking for either a simple basic service or a more specialized such as the transfer of a boat.

Our professional clients (garages, insurance offices, etc.) choose us because we provide a quality solution to their clients who have been immobilized and their trust to us is rewarded with impeccable services from our part.

We are pleased to maintain partnerships with insurance companies, independent insurers, car dealerships, car dealers, rental companies, companies that use fleets to distribute their goods, car performance enhancing garages, retailers, friends of motor sports and government agencies.

Our main clients are the nationwide roadside assistance companies such as Mapfre Assistencia / Eurosos and Interamerican for incident service in the prefecture of Attica. Through these fundamental collaborations, our experience is enriched and our commitment to quality service is increasingly recognized.

We have a highly professional presence and great business-to-business experience. We understand the needs of corporate clients, which gives us a clear comparative advantage. By focusing on corporate partnerships (with or without a contract) we are committed to long-term vigilance and priority service.

If you are a professional or a company in the car industry and want to unreservedly recommend a trusted partner to your customers for quality roadside assistance services with two-way benefits then we urge you to contact us.