Extra Services

Extra services

In RED assistance, through years of experience in serving our customers, we have summarized the fastest routes and the most developed ways to offer the best possible services.

Tracking system:
If you have been parked in an area that is unknown to you with unobtrusive roads, you can either by following our instructions or by directing through our call center send your position and we will easily find you through the tracking technology that we operate.

POS or On line payment.
Because the immobilization of a vehicle is a random event, you may find yourself unprepared, and potentially out of cash (money). For such cases, RED assistance has equipped its stuff with POS devices to accept credit card payment, or alternatively on-line payments through our website or payment by bank deposit.

Unaccompanied vehicle. 
It is quite possible that your daily schedule won’t allow any delays. Deliver your vehicle to us and focus on your duties without worrying about the rest. If you need a direct means of transport, ask our call center to help you by arranging a taxi driver to come and pick you up. Trust us completely to transport your vehicle, and worry not, as this is quite common in our profession.

Have a Taxi pick up passengers.
Since the immobilization of a vehicle may occur at a time when there are four or more passengers in the vehicle. If the conditions impose it and the passengers have no other means of transport, then our call center can direct a taxi for the transportation of passengers.
Boat / trailer transport. We have experience on the task and we undertake boat transport with or without the trailer.

The service of the main roadside assistance, transport / towing services is for vehicles such as
a) two-wheelers (motorbikes / scooters)
b) passenger cars (taxi, SUV, jeep / 4x4, luxury / limousines)
c) dragster and supercars
d) vans.

The condition for all four vehicle categories is to meet the following cumulative features:

1) wheelbase up to 3,60 meters;
2) width up to 2,05 meters;
3) minimum distance from the ground 14 cm;
4) height up to 2,20 meters
5) Gross weight less than 3.5 tonnes and unladen,
6) Single wheels on the rear axle,
7) Wheel’s ability to roll (not blocked by gearbox, handbrake or other cause),
8) To a point where the crane of road assistance is able to reach.